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Pure Chocolate Pleasure
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Pure Chocolate Pleasure

Raw Vegan White Chocolate Creamy Cake

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Indulge in white chocolate heavenly creaminess! Discover our prestigious raw vegan white chocolate cheesecake made with pure organic cold-pressed cocoa butter. The Pure Chocolate Pleasure will lead you to an unforgettable raw vegan decadent adventure.

Served on a tasteful cashew crust and powdered with raw cocoa powder, this is our chef’s top pick for the lover of gastronomy.

Medium cake Large cake
Diameter: 6.5 in Diameter: 8.75 in
Servings: 8 Servings: 16
Calories per serving: 450 cal Calories per serving: 450 cal

Ingredients: raw and organic
Cashews, filtered water, agave nectar, cold-pressed extra virgin cocoa butter, cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, dates, freshly pressed lemon juice, cocoa powder, vanilla beans, sea salt.

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