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Where to buy | Où acheter

You can find our raw vegan gluten-free cake slices along with our cultured cashew cream cheeses at over 350 locations. Here is a partial list:


Montreal and surroundings

IGA (over 90 stores)

METRO (just starting!)

Rachelle-Bery (all of them!)

Supermarchés Avril (all!)

Marchés TAU (all)

Aliments Merci

La Moisson

Chez Robin

Health Tree



Fleur Sauvage

Panier Santé Fleury

Épicerie Mile-End

Marché Bleuet

Mission Santé Thuy

Aliments Tournesol

Club Organic

Couffin Bio

Santé Ecoloco

Que de Bonnes Choses

Louise Sans Gluten

Essentiellement Sol

Frigo Vert

Marché Toit Rouge (Repentigny)




Whole Foods

Natural Food Pantry

Boîte à Grains

Sol Natural Foods (186 ave. de la coline, Gatineau)

Herb & Spice Wellington (1310 Wellington Street West)



Longo's (view locations here:

Whole Foods Yorkville

Fiesta Farms

Nature's Emporium Maple

Be Greater Organics

The Green Root

The Healthy Cupboard

Country Produce

Mcewan Fine Foods

Ambrosia Vaughan

Harmony Whole Foods Market

A Healthier You

Much more to come!